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My icon used to be this, the running cupcake spider. It's fun, but I've had it for a couple of years and it's time for a change.

Now it's this, Cibyl star-watching.

And it's also a matching icon with tkay! They both have hidden meaning representing our main stories, Bogle, and Rise and Fall. :)
I made another tumblr for reblogs! It's super cool and has lots of nice art, photos, art tips, animation, etc. Sometimes I really want to reblog things, but I wanted to keep my art tumblr just for my art. However, if you like super cool stuff, feel free to check out my second tumblr. :)

Art Tumblr
Everything Tumblr

Also, completely unrelated, there is this new cartoon called Gravity Falls that everyone should watch. It is extremely well written and very funny, and has the same flare of only-adults-will-get-this type-of-humor that shows from the 90's had.
A lovely fanart of Bogle has been given to me by RooseKrautshire! It has Bogle and a cupcake! Thank you Vienna, and everyone who has drawn art of my characters, I can't tell you how happy it makes me. :) As always, all Bogle fanart is posted the "Art of my Characters" journal, and there is also a favourites folder for everything submitted on deviantART.

Something Sweet by RooseKrautshire

Check out more art by RooseKrautshire:

Mime Girl Sketch by RooseKrautshire 1920's Ginrunners Cover by RooseKrautshire
BBC Sherlock Holmes by RooseKrautshire Hazelnut by RooseKrautshire
!YPPAH RETSAE by RooseKrautshire "Ballerina Villainess" by RooseKrautshire

Check out this amazing Bogle keychain that tkay made! It's so cute! :heart:

And you know what? You can commission your own character as an incredibly adorable keychain or cellphone strap! Click here to get yours!
What is Bogle/where can I read Bogle?
Bogle is a comic that is currently in pre-production and is not yet available to read. Please know that I am always busy and in college, so progress is slow. :)

Can I draw art of your characters?
Of course! Please let me know when you draw my characters, I may not see it if you don't.

What program do you use?
Primarily Photoshop. I used Open Canvas, SAI and Painter in the past, but I prefer Photoshop.

How long does art take you?
It depends. The more complicated something is, the longer it takes. It can range from a couple of hours to 50+ hrs depending on how much the illustration demands.

What brushes do you use?
Here are some good brushes to practice with. Feel free to customize and play with brush settings by going to Window>Brush.
Painting Brushes:…
Smudge Brush Tutorial:…
Check out more resources in my favourites:…

How can I learn anatomy?
Purchase Anatomy books such as Classic Human Anatomy by Valerie Winslow. Also observe the human form and do many drawings to get a feel for how muscle wraps around the body at different angles and in different kinds of poses. Art schools usually have anatomy courses also.

I'm embarrassed about drawing nude figures, what should I do?
The human body is natural and beautiful. Drawing nudes is simply about observation, understanding, and practice. It should be a professional and mature learning experience. If you cannot handle it, there are many stock galleries on deviantart that have models who wear coverings over sensitive body parts. SenshiStock, for example.

Will you make a tutorial for a certain topic?
Tell me what you're interested in hearing about, and I'll consider it, especially if many people are asking for the same thing.

How do you add color to a black and white image?
By using a combination of multiply, overlay, screen and color layers.

What art school do you go to?
Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I'm an illustration major and they have an excellent illustration department. I wish I could go to art school forever.

Can I get a print of your work?
Just let me know what you want and at what size and I'll see what I can do. I accept PayPal.

Do you do requests?
No, sorry.

Do you do commissions?
I open them on rare occasion. Keep a look out.

Will you do more fanart of something you used to draw fanart for?

Will you critique my gallery?
I don't have the time for that unfortunately. My time is in short supply and I can't do much of my own work if I'm mentoring people for free.


Please feel free to ask any questions not answered here by asking them below, or sending me a note.
Stolen from tkay

Drink?: No.
Smoke?: No. Don't smoke near me.
Use Drugs?: No.
Cuss?: Rarely.
Play Any Instruments?: I wish I could play the piano, or the violin, or the accordion.
Have Any Piercings?: No.
Have Any Tattoos?: No.
Like To Annoy People?: Depends on the person.
Like Life?: Yup.
Wear Make-Up?: No. I don't really like wearing it, but I do if it's necessary for the occasion.
Dye Your Hair?: No. Since everyone who has my hair color tends to dye it something else, I feel like I have a unique hair color. :D
Scream At The top of your lungs for no reason?: Why would I do that?
Get Distracted By Shiny Objects?: ALL the time.
Like Pina Coladas?: No.
And Getting Caught In The Rain?: It depends if I'm going to a place, or going home from a place. And how cold it is also.

Dependable?: It depends. If you're depending on me to clean your toilet for you, I'd be like, "no."
Trustworthy?: It depends. If you're like, "don't tell anyone I'm going to steal this car and go to Mexico," I'd be like, "no, I will tell everyone, what is wrong with you."
Obsessive?: No.
Hyper Active?: No.
Happy?:  Most of the time.
Content?: This is the same question...
Boring?: It depends on the one passing judgment.
Violent?: No.
Evil?: No.
Hippie-Ish?: I'm pretty adamant about recycling, and turning lights off when you aren't using them.
Shy?: Not really.
Paranoid?: On a scale of one to ten, I'm probably about a three.
Annoying?: Pshh.
Social?: It depends. I really like classroom environments and workplace environments, but I don't like trying to talk to strangers at bars or parties.
Religious?: No, but I'm not against religion.

TV Show?: Monk.
Movie?: How to Train Your Dragon. Tarzan. Howl's Moving Castle. Kung Fu Panda. Megamind. Un Monstre a Paris.
Band/Singer(s)?: I don't have one.
Song?: I don't have one.
Book/Story?: Eh.
Color(s)?: Pink, Orange, yellow, green, and brown.
Shape?: No preference.
Animal?: I like cats, tigers, other big cats, turtles, chickens, ducks, owls, alpaca, Stitch, Pokemon.
Person(s)?: I love a lot of people. My family, my mom, Ambi, Asher, all my friends. Everyone means a lot to me even if I'm awkward about mentioning it.
Smell?: I like the smell of a forest with a cool ocean breeze. Woodsy and fresh.
Flower?: Sunflowers and Golden Poppies. :)
Board: What? I guess I like planks of redwood... What?
Musical: Singing in the Rain!
Sport?: Nah.
Word?: I had one. I forgot what it was. Oh well.
Quote?: "A positive attitude paves a road of joy."
Hobby?: Art, making stories, videogames.
Store?: Tea shops and cake shops and bookstores and grocery shops that have all the food I like.
Season?: Autumn.
Time Of Day?: Early Morning.

Worst Fear?: I don't have one.
Life Goal?: Master artist. It would also be nice to complete one of my longer stories in comic format from start to finish.
Greatest Accomplishment?: Going to art school and learning to be positive.

Pepsi Or Coke?: I don't drink soda.
McDonald's Or Burger King?: McDonald's.
Converse Or Vans?: I'll buy an off brand.
Dogs Or Cats?: Cats, because they are low maintenance. I like dogs fine though.
AIM, YIM Or MSN Messenger?: None of these.
Chicken Or Fish?: Bleeeh.
Black Or White?: Hmm. Black.
MTV Or FUSE?: I don't watch TV.
MP3 player, ipod or CD player?: I have a Sansa.
Pants Or Shorts?: Jeans.

Day: I wake up. I eat food. I make art. I go for a walk. I take a nap. More food and art. I go to back to bed.
Room: A warm orangey ambiance fills the room as the sunlight pours through the curtains. There is a big, cushy, incredibly comfortable bed against the wall. On the floor is a lovely soft carpet that is nice to mush between your toes.
Life: I get paid a ton of money to make comics. I'm also super relaxed, married, have offspring and good financial status.
World: Everyone is friendly, trustworthy, helpful, happy, and not in need. Nature is well cared for, and there is no overpopulation.
Romantic Date: We go for a walk holding hands and get along well. We talk a lot, and then don't talk much because sometimes enjoying someone's company in the quiet is lovely.

God?: Yes.
Heaven & Hell?: I dunno.
Angels & Demons?: I dunno.
Reincarnation?: No.
Yourself?: No I'm totally not real, I'm a fiiigment of your imaaaginaaation.
Ghosts?: No.
UFOs?: If you throw a Frisbee and someone doesn't know what it is, it is certainly a "UFO" as far as they are concerned. :D
Big Foot?: There are plenty of people with large feet. Don't be rude.
Lockness Monster?: Naw.
A Thing Called Love?: Yes

Kill Someone Else?:  No.
Kill Yourself? No.
Beg For Money?: It depends.
Skydive?: No.
Bunjee Jump?: No.
Make out in the rain?: As if kissing wasn't wet enough.
Run Away From Home?: No.
Ride A Motorcycle?: Sure.
Do Extreme Sports?: EXTREME THUMB WARS.

Do You Own A Car?: No.
Ever Been To Jail?: No.
Ever Gotten Kicked out?: No.
Do You Have A Job?: Illustrator. Even if I had a job that wasn't illustration, and people said, "Hey Aranda, what do you do?" I'd say, "Illustration," and totally forget to mention that I had another job.
Do You Like Taking Surveys Like This?: Sure.

I had a great time as an artist for the first time at the Fanime Artist Alley. Everyone was incredibly polite, respectful and sweet. Thank you everyone who bought something and especially those who purchased an at-con commission. It was lot of great fun drawing everyone's lovely characters.

But I think the highlight of Fanime was this wonderful surprised gift art given to me by Whimmsy! I couldn't have been more surprised or grateful. Thanks a ton! :)
(as always, gift art is permanently featured in this journal!)

Check out more of Whimmsy's wonderful artwork!

:thumb194284744: :thumb198520271:

I must say I find the fashion sense of her characters very appealing :heart:
The Legend of Korra and Pottermore House buttons, as well as a couple of other designs are now available at my storenvy!

Button Series 2 - The Legend of Korra by ArandaDill
Button Series 1 - House Mascots by ArandaDill

I'm going to be at Fanime with my BFF tkay at our own Artist Alley Table! If you're going to Fanime, please come say hi to us! We're super friendly, so don't be shy. Seriously, if you're thinking, "oh no I'm too embarrassed to say anything," then you're being a sillybean. There will also be live commissions so come get commissions at Fanime! And buy our products! We're thrilled when people buy our products.

Here's where we will be sitting:

I totally ripped this image off tkay's journal. Shh.

I hope to see some of you there! :heart: & :peace:
EDIT: My goodness, yet another beautiful gift, this time from my friend, MooFrog44! I am so honored to be paid such kindness.

Gift: Such Lovely Hair by MooFrog44
Be sure to check out the rest of her amazing gallery too!

Thank you all for the Birthday Wishes! You are all so kind to drop by. :)

The lovely kookiekrusader gave a wonderful gift of my characters Stephen and Cibyl drawn in a way that is an excellent reflection of their personalities and the feeling of the story (All gift-art of my characters is kept track of in this journal.).

Bogle by kookiekrusader

Check out these other charming works by kookiekrusader!

Come along Alice by kookiekrusader   Watch the Fireflies by kookiekrusader
Fairies by kookiekrusader Hang by kookiekrusader
Forest Man by kookiekrusader Dying on the Forest Ground by kookiekrusader Happy Halloween by kookiekrusader
EDIT: My apologies about those three old art pieces showing up in your inboxes. The gallery category they were in was dismantled and they were automatically moved to scraps. When I moved them into new categories, they apparently showed up in inboxes as new items.

Hey guys! April and May are going to be crazy-busy months, so my free time is minimal. I'll reply to comments when I am able. Otherwise, thank you so much for stopping by my gallery, and for all favourites, comments and watches. I really appreciate it. :)

I'll still be updating my tumblr with my various projects.


Love and peace be with you.
:heart: & :peace:
Tagged by RainbowStr8ghtJacket I've done this meme about four times but there's always new interesting questions, so I'll just keep answering them! :)

1) Favorite flower?

2) Favorite T.V. series (you can list more than one, but no more than 5)?
My favourite show was Monk. Now I watch Bones, Psych, The Legend of Korra, Adventure Time and My Little Pony.

3) If you could be in any TV show/cartoon/video game which would it be? Why?
Fable II, but only for a little while. It would be fun to wander around and smoosh Balverines.

4) How did you first get addicted to your fandom?
What... A Monster in Paris? It was gondolas. I LOVE gondolas. I saw this picture,

and thought, "OH MY GOSH GONDOLAS, IS THIS A MOVIE WITH GONDOLAS?" And then I watched the video linked in the description and was pretty impressed. Unfortunately, there are no gondolas in the film. It's fine though, still a great movie.

5) Paper or Tablet?

6) What is your favorite time of day? Why?
Sunrise, because it's a beautiful beginning to the day. No matter what problems there may be, the sun always rises again.

7) If you could improve one thing in your life what would it be? Why?
I want to be a better artist. A faster artist. A more clever artist. I want to learn all the things. I want to be able to do all the things. Also, a good storyteller.

8) Where would you like to live?
I live where I want to live.

9) What's your favorite Ice Cream?
Green tea.

10) What are you watching?

11) Give me an awesome scientific fact =3
When an animal's eyes glow in the dark, you are seeing light reflecting off the backs of the inside of their eyeballs. Same with red-eye in photographs of people.

Not tagging anyone, but here's a question for anyone who wants to answer:

What is your all-time favourite video game?
My wonderful friend tkay has started up her comic, Rise and Fall after a long time planning! It's great and it's only going to get better! Please go check out her comic and these other beautiful pieces in her gallery!

SPARKLING! by tkay Valentine by tkay
Coraline by tkay

She also has an Etsy shop full of awesome keychains! These are just a few!

Etsy Shop
I come to my deviant page today to find an enormous increase in pageviews for no obvious reason. Could anyone tell me what happened, why they visited, etc? I'd like to know who to credit for the attention. :)

And thank you all for visiting!

I'll try to respond to comments when I can, I am currently very overloaded with classwork after being sick for three weeks. I hope everyone is doing well, have a wonderful weekend.

:heart: & :peace:
...or "Amazing Art That Isn't Getting the Recognition it Deserves"
...or "Art You Should Fawn All Over Like You're Seeing Art for the First Time."

I think something is under my by MinjiXMuu-chan Skull Rose by sHuRaLeVa Dust by vitellan
witraz by takmaj Exile by vitellan lost in the woods by RinAvenue
Common Bedroom Monster Guide by kurogatari lunar new year by ono-mono Bone White by rockaaar
Red Landing by iancjw Breaking Through by Tokoldi :thumb115053856:
Waking Hour by vitellan Mystic Swamp-finished by Avibroso cowgirl by sio-vanilla
The Undiscovered Ice Continent by Tokoldi This Tornado Loves You by rockaaar Fairy tales by sio-vanilla
Reverse Rainbow by sio-vanilla antwerpia by takmaj Fickle p4 by Nnijd

Thumbnails sorted with Bekey's dAsort tool.
Rare Birds by ArandaDill

Not only did I have the shocking surprise of getting a Daily Deviation today (thank you RTNightmare and ChewedKandi!), but I also got a lovely piece of Cibyl art from senderunknown. This is turning out to be such a great day, and I haven't even gone to bed yet. Please, no one do anything else for me or I'd have a Kristen Bell level meltdown.

And thank you to everyone. Deviant art has been the friendliest, most supportive internet community I've ever been a part of. Give yourselves a pat on the back, because you're all awesome.
Tagged by Rinkula

1. I rarely eat cake.
2. I couldn't pay attention in grade school, so when I went home to do homework I'd teach myself everything we were supposed to have learned in class.
3. I'm asthmatic and it's very hard to breathe when people smoke. Please don't smoke in public places. Please don't start smoking in the first place.
4. My name is pronounced Uh-ran-duh. It's not from anything.
5. I highly dislike anger and try my best to not be angry. I believe anger should only be used as a tool to prevent people from hurting themselves or others. IE: Your kid is about to stick a fork in an electric socket.
6. My favourite vegetables are broccoli, brussel sprouts, radishes and steamed carrots. How can anyone hate these? They're so good.
7. Rooms with blue ambiance give me the heebie jeebies.
8. Sometimes I'm more excited about eating buttery popcorn and watered-down flat coke than actually seeing the movie.
9. I still haven't seen The Terminator.
10. I don't like to idolize other people or celebrities. At the most, I'll offer my utmost respect to talented artists and creative minds.

1. Are you right or left handed?
I'm right-handed.
2. What are you wearing right now?
3. What's your favorite past time?
Present time is better than past time.
4. What's your favorite internet meme face?
5. Mac or Windows? (or something else…?)
6. You'll make a perfect party for you and your best friends. What will you do?
I don't like parties. No parties. Let's just hang out and do whatever.
7. What place in your body aches most often? Do you know reason why? (back, neck, butt, etc.)
My lower back used to ache a lot. Then I started using a yoga ball instead of a computer chair. Problem solved.
8. What's your favorite movie genre?
I don't have one.
9. If you could make one movie character to be real, who would be your choice?
There isn't one. I prefer the characters to stay in the movies.
10. What's your second name?
Is a second name the same as a middle name? It's Noel. :)

I've already tagged people before for these kinds of journals, so I'll just ask everyone this!

MY QUESTION FOR YOU: What is your favourite kind of cookie and why?
Hey guys! Thank you to all my new watchers, and to anyone who favourites, comments on or enjoys my artwork. I appreciate you all so much, you have no idea.

Unfortunately I've been feeling rather overwhelmed with my responsibilities lately and haven't had much time to do personal work. I'm rather fatigued and shakey and haven't felt much like myself for a while.

Right now I need to focus on the things I need to do, so I may not be on dA very often. Please don't be offended if it takes me a while to get to your comments, and know that I am very grateful to all of you. I'll try to get more art up as soon as I am able.

Have a great one! :peace:

Will have a few prints available at Animation on Display this weekend. I probably won't have any A Monster in Paris prints since there are so few people who know what it is... but if anyone is going and would be interested in an UMAP print, let me know!
My friend MooFrog44 is offering commissions for an insanely low price for a someone so talented. If you have characters you want to commission, please go support her! :)

Commission her here!

Commission samples here!

Check out more beautiful art by MooFrog44:

Commish: MAGGOTS by MooFrog44  Cup of Tubby Duskull by MooFrog44 TIRAS: Comic Page1 by MooFrog44
AB: Sleeping Babies by MooFrog44 TF2: Thanks Partner by MooFrog44 Commish: Naberius by MooFrog44